The Ariel Fleshlight has been released and we decided to give it a quick look.

Out of all the European Fleshlight Girls line-up, Ariel aka Piper Fawn is as gorgeous as they come! With her ultra pale skin, she reminds me of a Czech version of Stoya (sadly without all the anal action). We’re still very happy that they decided to create the Ariel Fleshlight.

Ariel fleshlight

Ariel’s Fleshlight has been molded to look as close as possible to her tight little pussy. I would have to say out of all the European Fleshlight girls, her fleshlight is the most accurate one, they even got her slightly crooked lip to perfection. I have been following Ariel’s career throughout all the years that she has worked as a model, all over the world and being able to fuck her (fleshlight) anytime I want is a wonderful thing.

Ariel Fleshlight Vagina

Ariel’s Fleshlight has three different textures available, I own the Vortex one and I have to say that it is no Stoya Fleshlight but it is a great fuck. The multiple chambers and internal textures make it feel like a real vagina inside and the variance in canal diameter gave me the sensation of getting deep inside a tight pussy. Pulling out of this texture is especially fun because of the two tight gates that rub against the back of your head.




Although Ariel is a less known porn star from Europe, she is gorgeous and has a tight body. Her Ariel Fleshlight which is not texture unique is still one of the best to get that uses the Primal Texture because of her purely. She has a ton of content out there and especially loves the girl/girl scenes. Her Fleshlight has a quick cleen-up and doesn’t require a lot of lube.


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