Ever wondered if there was an Avatar Fleshlight?

This time we’re off into the warped minds of the people that bring us the Avatar Fleshlight. This has to be one of the weirdest tests and reviews I’ve done, not to say that I haven’t ever thought of banging an alien, just that I imagined her to be more like Jolene Blalock – The vulcan from Star Trek Enterprise,

Jolene blalock posing for a photograph with a low cut top on.

or maybe like Jeri Ryan – Borg officer 7 of 9 from Star Trek Voyager.

Jeri Ryan posing on a couch

I got something I wasn’t planning for on the other hand though, a hustler movie that goes along with the Avatar Fleshlight. It’s a parody on the Avatar movie but it isn’t too bad although the main attraction there is the fact that with the Alien Fleshlight you get to stick your meat stick in a Na’vi cu’nt :D.

Anyway, on to The Test. Firstly I have to mention the looks of this weird incarnation of the Fleshlight. Whoever had the thought of the looks of this Fleshlight is a genius, it simply looks like something you could only imagine after a smoke of the good stuff. If one clit wasn’t enough, this toy has two and they look delicious. If you’ve watched avatar and had that thought in the back of your mind about what it would be like, this is definitely one for you.

Avatar Fleshlight

So, after I was done admiring the blue diamond that it is, I got to introducing it to my very hard penis. I pushed in slowly as I normally do (to get full sensation of the texture, although I wanted to pound it to bits straight away) and the feeling was different from the normal orifices as the not so tight entry channel fell into a spiral void that made me want to twist it onto my cock rather than just push it down. To be honest I enjoyed the sensation so much that I pulled back out and pushed in a few times to get the repeated feeling.

Then came the fun, a tight channel that simulated penetrating a really tight vagina and a womans cervix and that led onto the most amazing bump field that rubbed their little heads all over my shaft and head (the STU texture). The pulling back out was really nice too, the bumps would send your senses flying and the entry channel and spiral void relaxed you so much that then left you unprepared for the barrage of bumps again. The multi-textured sleeve sent me into an almost spasming orgasm and caused me to orgasm really hard (as with a lot of the girls multi textured sleeves).

Conclusion: I think I’m inclined to agree that this is really a non-earthly experience and would highly recommend it to anyone that has fantasies of aliens and wants to conquer an alien species love ring.

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