We’re taking a look at the best fleshlight toys 2012.

I thought I’d take the time to comment on some of the best Fleshlight toys 2012. This blog is about the different types of models and the sleeves they come with (which ultimately decide the pleasure you’ll get). It all depends on you also and what kind of sensations you enjoy. I’m an average guy and have a girlfriend, having a Fleshlight lets me get frustrations out when she’s not around and have fun together with it when she is.

Who Is The Fleshlight For?

My aim is to dispel the myth that the Fleshlight is only for people that have no way of having sex. The product was invented by a married man with an epic sex drive, it’s for everyone and anyone and its definitely better than using your hand. It’s also more than worth the price, if I calculated the time I’ve had mine (first one I bought was over 7 years ago) against the price, it comes out to around 30 cents a week. Thats 30 cents a week for having orgasms that feel a lot better than using Miss Palmofthe Handerson.

A Brief History Of The Fleshlight

The Fleshlight was conceived over 10 years ago when Steve Shubin (a former SWAT officer) and his wife were told that because of a delicate pregnancy, they could not have sex. Steve asked his wife if she minded if he invented something that he could have sex with that would satisfy his needs and she gave him the go ahead. Over 15 years later and more than 7 million Fleshlights sold, he definitely hit on a winner. The material he created is patented, contains no carcinogenic materials (materials that have been linked to causing cancer) like other cheaper products and the material lasts for years. I’ve had an original Fleshlight for well over 7 years and the material hasn’t degraded at all or lost any of its shape. The patented Super Skin material is also the most realistic vaginal, anal, oral experience in existence, some people even swear its better than the real thing and it never has a headache or is too tired.

My Top Three Fleshlight Products

So, history lesson over, there are many models of the Fleshlight, from its humble beginnings: The Pink Lady Original to weird and wonderful incarnations like the Alien which has recently had the Freaks range added around it. They also have a range molded from top porn stars all of which have individual signature inner textures which make the whole experience different every time. Some of the Fleshlight Girls are Lisa Ann, Stoya, Jesse Jane, Riley Steele and Jenna Haze.

On to my top 3 then…

Number 1

has to be the Stoya Destroya, click HERE to read our review on it. I own quite a few Fleshlights (as you can imagine :p) and when I first tried this one I was blown away clean, it took me no longer than 3 or 4 minutes to have one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had, to be honest I kind of felt robbed of my cum :P. Stoya (aka Stoya Doll) is an alt porn star who is absolutely gorgeous and she does everything on screen.

best fleshlight toys 2012
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Number 2

in the best fleshlight toys 2012 is the Stamina Training Unit. The texture is intense all the way through and although I don’t agree with Fleshlight themselves on how this product makes you a sex God, I will say that with use it does help to last longer, sex after all is about practice and the Stamina Training unit is always available, you can use it as much as you want for as long as you want and it won’t get sore (and complain) and neither will you as long as you lube it of course (water based lube).

STU Fleshlight - An aid to lasting longer in bed
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Number 3

is the Sex In A Can range, I’m definitely a fan of the extra tightness of all of them due to the smaller size but the textures just aren’t as diverse each Fleshlight girls signature texture (some more than others). One of my favorite things about them is the size also, the case is smaller and with the labels on them they look like one of those secret money storage devices :p. Ultimately it’s not a full size Fleshlight but it is a great extra to get, of the 4 Sex In A Can units my favorite is the O’Doyles Back Door Stout.

The Fleshlight Sex In A Can range which is disguised like a beer can

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Have fun with your Fleshlight if (when ;]) you decide to get one. That’s our list of best fleshlight toys 2012, thanks for reading.