The Fleshlight Blade has broken the mold when it comes to their line of products.

This is a departure from the usual with the brand in that both the case and the texture are different from anything they have made before. The Fleshlight Blade has a soft case and the inner texture is new too.

Lets start with the texture: a lot of the Fleshlight textures are very complex and seem to have been created as art pieces more than what they really are but the Blade texture is refreshingly simple and yet at the same time perfect. It’s made up of four chamber that vary in diameter but that are all lined by close ridges which are constantly rubbing against the head of your penis and gripping you with every push and pull, this gives you a constant build up of sensation along all of your penis and has your body writhing and shaking whilst the intensity builds. The orgasm is nothing less than explosive, and a giant ball drainer. This is the Ribbed inner texture.

Fleshlight Blade Ribbed Texture

The New Blade Case: Fleshlight have truly achieved something excellent with the new case design, it’s soft and has flex so that you can squeeze it to increase pressure and tightness around your penis whilst you use it. There is something really great about being able to do this, it enhances a normal session with one of the hard case Fleshlights by adding the thing I think every man enjoys the most, varying pressure on the love muscle. Another very important thing is that the suction on the case is slightly better than the standard hard case, this means it is also a bit more noisy but the overall effect makes it a pro rather than a con.

Fleshlight Blade

My Final Word: All in all I really enjoyed the Fleshlight Blade, for me, the case makes the product a million times better, there are better textures in the Fleshlight world, but the Blade case is a win for a different kind of experience.

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