The new Fleshlight Flight has arrived. It’s smaller, lighter and tighter.

A new product has finally arrived and it is one that has addressed the major concern with the Fleshlight, the size! The new Fleshlight Flight is substantially smaller than its previous incarnation and it looks a hell of a lot sleeker. Take a look below.

fleshlight flight

Before all the men here start getting into a panic and dismissing this new product because of the 6 inch insert-able length, its actually a benefit. I myself am also larger than this but fall into the average (no boasting here at all, after all, we all know it’s not the size of the wave, its the motion of the ocean xD) and I found that when I push hard enough, I come out of the other end (with the end cap off) and it actually feels amazing, its like penetration in reverse for your penis, one of the best sensations I have felt using a Fleshlight product. Added to this that the new Flight sleeve is tighter and you have a recipe for a very enjoyable masturbation session.


The new Fleshlight Flight in all honesty is what the toy would look like if it were to be created today. The tightness is great and so is the price. The opening (orifice) is also less offensive if you plan to keep it around. Some women, just as some men have a problem with their partners sex toy looking like a female or male anatomy, so the opening to the Flight is a good way to have a great, cheap male sex toy without getting any flack from your partner, which is a plus.


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