A crazy day has come, and the word is that we may get a Lindsay Lohan Fleshlight.

Well, well, well… Much to our surprise, it seems that the owner of Fleshlight, has decided to offer Lindsay Lohan a million dollars for molds of her lady bits to start producing a Lindsay Lohan Fleshlight so that all us lucky men can finally stick it to her just the way she deserves it because, to be honest, love or hate Lindsay, we all want to teach her a good hard lesson ;). Have a read of the original letter:

Dear Ms. Lohan:
We would very much like to invite you to become one of our Fleshlight Girls. Fleshlight is the #1 selling male sex toy for men, and becoming one of our Fleshlight Girls means you would be joining an exclusive club. Should you decide to join this club, we would offer you up to $1 million dollars for molds of your mouth, vagina, and butt. We hope you will give our offer serious consideration and that you will contact us at your earliest convenience.

Steven Shubin

Is The Offer Real?

Hell yes, Steve Shubin doesn’t joke around when it comes to getting what he wants and the offer, apart from being outrageous, is very, very real. All of us here are hoping she accepts because it’s about time Lindsay had her vagina, mouth and butt destroyed by millions of men… ok, more destroyed than it already has been :p


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Here are a few pictures of the sexy Lohan herself just in case you need help making your mind up 😀

Lindsay Lohan fleshlight
I’d have her delivered to my hotel room just like that please.

Lindsay Lohan beach topless fleshlight
Those bad boys just want to be free, and who can blame them.

lindsay lohan fleshlight sex toy
A fantasy I’m sure we all share.

If the Linsay Lohan Fleshlight ever does happen, you’ll be able to find it at their store but until then you can take a look at what else they are doing at their store by clicking here.