World famous MILF finally has her own Lisa Ann Fleshlight.

I love Lisa Ann, she’s my favorite MILF out there, she’s open to anything, has a rocking body and her ass is edible. As I do, I tested the Lisa Ann Fleshlight with signature Barracuda Texture and this is how I found it;

Lisa Ann FleshlightThe Case is the standard Girls case and is pearlescent but inside is where the magic happens. Each of the Girls (molded from famous porn stars sexy bits) sex toys have a different texture, as well as having an orifice that is molded directly from the girls pussy, butt or mouth. The similarity is very, very close to the original. When I opened Lisa’s mouth toy it was like looking at her real lips and the Swallow Texture that comes as standard with the mouth toys replicates deep throat quite accurately.For this review though, I tested the vagina replica because that’s the one that has the signature texture (The Barracuda).

The Test

I lubed the pussy orifice up and made sure that i got enough inside too so that it covered all off the bristles. The texture is lined with them so they require a little extra lube to get in all the spaces. The picture to the right shows a cross section of the bristles and those bristles go all the way around the inner insert. I inserted my penis slowly and immediately was hit by a small patch of outward facing bristles which offered a pleasurable feeling with a medium intensity, I was able to feel them all through the test on my shaft as I pushed in which was very nice, the sensation was intense but sustained throughout.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Texture

I pushed through them and hit the node which is meant to in part simulate a womans cervix and the tight bump you feel whilst having sex. This was tighter that the first section and felt really nice on my head because the mixture of the bristles brushing me like a hundred little fingers to the sensation of the node rubbing me fully, complemented each other perfectly and the sensations moved from my head to my shaft which kept building up the feeling of an incoming orgasm. The last section was a mind blowing cylinder of bristles that didn’t take look to take me to the edge and coax me into jumping into a very intense orgasm. The last row rubbed me to that point as i pulled out which activated the first chamber on my shaft and then head as I pulled out. I kept thrusting through the entire orgasm as that is a good way of testing the intensity and was pleasantly surprised.


Although the Barracuda Texture looks simple it is very clever and has taken its place as one of my favorites. The intensity of sensations and build up to orgasm are very pleasant and a session will not be over too quickly, which can happen with some of the other toys. I would go for the Lisa Ann Fleshlight if you have tried some of the others and have not found them as intense and need a measured build up to your orgasms that will leave you very satisfied.

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