Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Reid all about it! The Riley Reid Fleshlight has hit the shelves!

The relative newcomer to the adult industry has been given her own set of sex toys by the worlds best creators of simulated skin. Riley has only been around since 2013 and she’s already racked up an impressive amount of awards. Most recently she’s been giving the anal performances of her life which have already won her awards in 2016.

We got our hands on both of her new Riley Reid Fleshlight toys and gave them a good testing to see if they live up to their names, the Utopia and Euphoria.

First the Riley Reid Utopia

Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia Texture

The Utopia texture has four chambers lined with different textures. The entry chamber features an inverted cone of rings that start the sensations by rubbing over your head gently until you hit the first gate. You can feel the resistance from the gate as you push through it and into the chamber full of soft studs that hit your head with sensations from all angles.

As you push through into the next chamber your shaft is constantly being massaged and restricted by the previous chambers, which intensifies all the sensations. The last chamber is where most of the magic happens. As you push into it your head is crowded by ring upon ring of bumps while the chamber tightens the more you push in.

The fourth chamber is there if you happen to be over 8 inches long and has the same texture as the entry chamber. Lube use isn’t that heavy and the sensation intensity from this one is about a 6 out of 10, that means you can take your time and enjoy the Utopia. The Jenna Jameson Fleshlight is similar to this one in its intensity.

The Riley Reid Euphoria

Riley Reid Fleshlight Euphoria Texture

The tight entry of the Euphoria makes for a good start, you’re then hit by a web of texture that tightens in the center and then releases you to move forward again. The web texture in the first chamber does a good job of keeping pressure on your shaft. You’re then confronted by a tight donut that you have to push past to get into an even tighter chamber that also has the web texture.

You can really feel the tightness of this chamber on your head as you slide in and out. I managed to just reach the last donut ring (I’m about average size) and got to enjoy the extra tightness. Lube use in this one was about the same as the Utopia but the sensations were more intense because of the extra tightness.


I really enjoyed this test, the molding on the Riley Reid Fleshlight duo is spot on and the Superskin material never fails to disappoint. If you’re a fan of hers, either one is definitely worth a pick up but if you want the one with the more intense sensations, go for the Euphoria (butt version).

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