Today we’ll be looking at the Stoya Fleshlight with her signature Destroya Texture.

This is one of my favorite Fleshlights so I’m quite partial to it but before I even comment on it I’d like to say thats it’s for a reason. Some of the Fleshlight girls are gorgeous but the texture in their toy lets them down. The Stoya fleshlight texture is perfect for her personality, it has different textures mixed together, the smooth with the rough which describes her perfectly, she is beautiful as an angel but when she gets going, she’s mind blowing.

The Fleshlight

Porn Star Stoya fleshlight


The Review

When I first entered the texture, I instantly felt the three rows of bumps at the mouth. The bumps offered a gentle massage that didn’t over stimulate. It was a nice gentle start that was welcome as I had heard that this texture was a beast.

As I entered the next chamber, the fangs subtly surprised me. I could feel their tips gently caressing me without being overpowering . This is the same texture that is included in the Succu Dry (Read our review HERE) and if you have already tried it you’ll understand why it was included in the Destroya texture.

Pushing past that were the soft teeth of the Swallow texture that you can’t ignore. For me, it reminded me of deep throat, the sensation that you’re inside someones mouth is spot on. Right after that, I pushed through into the second set of fangs. They felt the same as the last set but my head was already throbbing with all the other sensations that made the scrape of the fangs a lot more evident.

A cross section of the fleshlight destroya texture

The last chamber was the super ribbed texture but a slightly modified version, this one gets tighter the further you push, so how can i describe this, it was really hard to ignore, all the other textures were pressing heavily on the shaft of my penis whilst then pushing through tighter and tighter, then imagine pulling back out of the Fleshlight and all those feeling going in reverse.


The multi textured nature of this sleeve makes lasting inside it a long time very hard. The more you thrust and the more sensitive your penis becomes, the more the intensity of the individual chambers raise. Add to that the suction effect of the Fleshlight and it will have you coming in a few minutes (not an exaggeration). The orgasm I had was so intense that even pulling the Stoya Fleshlight off felt like WW3 was happening right on my penis xD

This sleeve has the best of a lot of textures and at different points in your session you will feel the different sections, if you decide to get one, get ready for a holy mother of an orgasm!

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