Another weird toy from the people that brought you the Avatar Fleshlight. The Vampire Fleshlight.

I thought I’d take the time time to review a rather weird but maybe quite a sexy fantasy for a lot of men, the vampire or rather the kinky vampire that punctures our vein (not the jugular, the cockular one ;-] ) and sucks the life out of us! I know it turns me on and Fleshlight couldn’t have chosen a more kinky person (seen above) to back the Vampire Fleshlight than Masumi Max who is an internationally renowned¬†model and burlesque dancer.


The Fleshlight

As with the other Fleshlights in the Sex In A Can range the Succu Dry is smaller and tighter than the Original Pink Lady, I enjoy these ones every once in a while, the sensation is different obviously due to the tightness, but for me all of them simulate the feeling of anal sex really well, with the added benefit of the different textures of the sleeves.

vampire fleshlight

As soon as you enter the Succu Dry you can feel the extra tightness and the material overflows out of the side but the case is very sturdy and has a collar that keeps the sleeve perfectly in its place. The texture once you get past the tight opening is very welcoming. This special texture dubbed the Fang texture has small bumps with points on the end, the sensation is like having the head of your penis massaged by what I can only describe and imagine as vampire nipples :p. The more turned on and the longer you spend in it heightens the sensation of the fangs until you burst.


In all I think it’s a good entry level Fleshlight if you’re still unsure about jumping in with a proper model. I went for an original Fleshlight as my first and I was happy as Larry so I got this one later mainly for the freaky mouth :D.


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